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The Mennonites’ Dirty Little Secret – But in 1531, the martyrdom of Sicke Freeriks Snijder-"a godfearing, pious hero" in nearby Leeuwarden, beheaded by state authorities for the crime of rebaptism-prompted Menno to embark on a fresh and.

The King James Bible was the result of an extraordinary effort over nearly a century to make many good English translations and turn them into what the translators called ‘one principal good one, not.

This volume charts the Bible’s progress from the end of the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. During this period, for the first time since antiquity, the Latin Church focused on recovering and.

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AMAZING! First impressions of the 1537 Edition of the Matthews BibleNeighbors ‘stunned’ in wake of Sunday’s fatal stabbing in Kingston Twp. – Ford and her husband, Matthew, moved into their new residence at 5 Orchard St., Kingston Township, July 28, after having lived in South Wilkes-Barre for two years. “We wanted some quiet,” Ford said as.

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In 1537, Henry gave royal approval to "Matthew’s Bible," which was largely Tyndale and contained aggressively Protestant marginal notes and therefore failed to gain the support of the clergy. In 1539,

So we’ve developed a troupe of performers who are donating their time, talent and means to tell the stories of Bible characters who reflect the.

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