"My Day With The Master" is dramatically presented by one man who portrays a Roman Centurion during the days of Jesus’s apprehension, trail, crucifixion, and resurrection in the most unusual way. Dressed in full Roman centurion attire with realistic setting, music, visual aid, and effects, it is sure to mesmerize and captivate the audience throughout this 45 minute production!

RWE PRODUCTIONS {RIVER}Richard Emerich, 54, is a BoyLover and former professional photographer who ran a modeling site which featured boy models. He was arrested and prosecuted for production and distribution of "child pornography"–simply because he photographed nude (non-sexual) photos of minors, and he admitted to the police that he is a BoyLover.

A New England-based fashion photographer whose work has appeared in catalogs for major clothing brands pleaded guilty to a federal child-pornography charge this month.

Racketeer Rabbit Watch Racketeer Rabbit – Racketeer Rabbit is a 1946 animated short film in the Looney Tunes series produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc. It stars