Qbasic Gorillas

For a time, in the mid 90s, some nostalgic frenzy seemed to have spiked (I remember messing around with BasicA on a Commodore 64 and I’m sure others were having fun with it on Apple 2s) its usage;.

Gorillas is an iPhone port of a game that was released together with MS-DOS 5 as a demonstration of the QBasic programming language. The original was basically a simplistic artillery game with a twist.

QBASIC GorillasOrigin Stories: Devs recount their first game design experiences – The first game I ever played was called GORILLAS. It was an MS-DOS game – a QBASIC game, to be exact – that came with our first home computer. I must’ve been five or six years old at the time, and I.

(We were a die-hard PC house at the time.) I don’t think I had a strong preference toward either, but I remember ultimately choosing the BASIC course because of that QBASIC Gorillas game. I always.

Alternately, Rami Ismail of Vlambeer spoke about his interest being piqued as a six year old, having first played Gorillas, a Qbasic game, and then discovered he could change the code and see those.

While not being the first artillery game ever released – that honour goes to Artillery for the Apple II back in 1980 – Gorillas was the most memorable for many, since it was created by IBM and.

Rami Ismail usually introduces himself as "one half of Vlambeer," the Dutch indie studio behind.

the family’s first computer and he started messing around with the QBasic game Gorillas. From the.

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Qbasic Gorillas is a simple game that is similar to Scorched Earth. There are two gorillas on opposite sides of a city skyline. Each gorilla takes turns throwing atomic bananas at each other. The.

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