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Rama began the concert with the Vasanta raga varnam ‘Ninnu kori’ with numerous repetitions of the lines and the swaras. The concert’s tempo was kept up with ‘Gam Ganapathaye namo namo’ in Hamsadhwani,

Leaving town: “All Eyez on Me,” “Beatriz at Dinner,” “The Hero,” “The House,” “The Mummy,” “Ninnu Kori,” “Paris Can Wait.

No doubt, the epic provides a wide canvas to depict the whole gamut of human emotions and the couple did full justice to it.

Priyadarshini presented the main item – the varnam, ‘Ninnu kori nanura’,

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Here, we highlight movie albums that stood out for the diversity of the music.

Amritavarshini’s ‘Chinuku Taake’ enhanced the charming and offbeat romcom. Gopi Sundar’s Ninnu Kori was a pretty album.

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Ganesh played Tyagaraja’s composition in Atana, ‘Anupama Gunaambhudhi,’ Vijayagopal rendered the sprightly ‘Ninnu Kori Varanam’ from the movie Agni Natchathiram and Satyanarayanan took the rasikas.