Gregory Of Tours History Of The Franks

Bishop of Tours Gregory of Tours is best remembered for his Decem Libri Historiarum (better known to English readers as The History of the Franks), which provides a primary witness to the transition.

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How St. Irenaeus Clarified Key Church Teachings – However, I will state that Irenaeus’ martyrdom has been attested to by no less an authority that Saint Gregory of Tours in.

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The oldest document in which we find the length and exercises of Advent mentioned with anything like clearness, is a passage in the second book of the History of the Franks by St. Gregory of Tours,

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According to Flower, the theory gained traction in Gregory of Tours’ History of the Franks, written in the 6th century, where the bishop wrote about a “city in which Joseph built granaries from.

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He didn’t unite the Gauls—he conquered the Gauls at the head of his army of Franks. During the final years of.

though the historian Gregory of Tours, writing a century later, refers to him as “King.