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One swimmer inspecting the water described it as ‘murky’. American broadcasters delighted in telling folks back home that the 28 acres of water was widely known as the Turpentine, despite strenuous.

I fall sleep in the midst of battle before sirens and tanks owned by enemy ranks. Hit cloud nine with the smell of turpentine, nations wiped clean of filthy shrines. My teeth grind, my gums sting, my.

‘People leap into decorating without ­giving a second thought to the risks involved,’ says Dr Richard Deacon.

there’s no need for white spirit or turpentine — another potential source of ­solvents.

There’s a mad scientist, twin teen detectives, and a mother who takes turpentine baths to "wash away the sin!" From Australia, a comedy about an overbearing mother and comedienne (Blethyn), her two.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are believed to have honeymooned on Guana.

I dined under a linen gazebo on the white sands lined by turpentine and sea grape trees. I was lucky enough to spend the.

She may also have followed another cosmetic recipe – filling ‘the pits or holes’ with an unguent made from 2lb of ‘man’s grease’ and 1lb each of beeswax and turpentine. This ‘man’s grease’ was human.

This not-for-the-squeamish treatment involves having your body shaved and hopping into a turpentine bath where ravenous leeches.

FAMOUS FANS: Pop star Jennifer Lopez, 42, reportedly has two.

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The Power Within | Ms. Jennifer Daniels, MSW | TEDxUniversityofDelawareSuperclean houses could cause asthma in children – The 11 most common were disinfectant, bleach, carpet cleaner, window cleaner, dry cleaning fluid, aerosols, turpentine or white spirit.

The author of the report, Dr Andrea Sherriff, said: "These.

Sixteen odours were used: orange, leather, cinnamon, peppermint, banana, lemon, licorice, turpentine, garlic.

while settled peoples’ olfactory cognition is diminished,’ Dr Majid Kruspe said. They.