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The effect of ultra-narrowband light absorption enhancement is presented by using metamaterials with symmetry-broken square silicon patches (SSPs). The symmetry of the SSP can be broken by introducing.

9 Here, we describe two novel heterozygous missense mutations located in the S2 region of the MyHC IIa in two patients with familial myopathies of unknown etiology. In order to improve the possibility.

Preparation and Catalytic Activity for Aerobic Glucose Oxidation of Crown Jewel Structured Pt/Au Bimetallic Nanoclusters – The UV–Vis (ultraviolet and visible light) absorption spectra were measured over the range of 200–800 nm by a Shimadzu UV-2500PC spectrophotometer. TEM (Transmission electron microscopy) images were.

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We show that this strongly enhanced absorption arises due to a coupling between light and a fast wave-mode propagating along the graphene/metamaterial hybrid. By placing graphene in contact with an.

The development of novel thermal sources that control the emission spectrum and the angular emission pattern is of fundamental importance. In this paper, we investigate the thermal emission properties.

Exploring the circumstances in which the skin microbiota could have systemic consequences will be important in light of the defined progression from defined skin inflammatory disorders, such as atopic.

The results demonstrate the potential for a novel paradigm in the design of “metasurface-loaded” microwave waveguides, either as functional elements in microwave circuitry, or as a platform for the.

NEW YORK (AP) — Ward Just, a highly regarded political and war correspondent for The Washington Post who later drew upon his experiences for such acclaimed novel as “An Unfinished Season” and "Echo.