Tink Winter’s Diary 2

Stream: Tink, “Treat Me Like Somebody” – Here’s the latest from Tink, who’s back to her R&B groove after the release.

It sets a high bar for her upcoming R&B tape, Winters Diary 2, which is supposed to drop on Christmas Eve. Posted.

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After dropping teasers for a couple of weeks, Tink finally releases her latest mixtape Winter’s Diary 3 in its entirety. The rapper/singer has enlisted no guest features on the 10 song mixtape but has.

On July 30, Tink released the third volume of Winter’s Diary.

Plus, the production highlights her songwriting and her background: As with the Alicia Keys-sampling Winter’s Diary 2 standout ‘Your.

Tink’s ‘Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours’ mixtape is full of fire. Here are its three best songs. There’s a smooth 1990’s type of R&B thing happening on ‘Winter’s Diary 2.’ Mary J. SWV. Janet. Those.

Tink’s released about a gazillion different mixtapes of varying quality, but there’s not been much new music since Winter’s Diary 2, released in January 2014. But now she’s back and Winter’s Diary 3.

God damn. The Tink and Timbaland jump-out late last year had original fans worried that the essence of the Winters Diary series was about to be lost to the mainstream all too quick. So how does Tink.

Tink Releases the 15-Track ‘Winter’s Diary 4′ – Chicago’s year-long streak continues with Tink’s just-released Winter’s Diary 4. The new mixtape, the follow-up to last year’s Winter’s Diary 3, comes after what’s mostly been a silent couple of.

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