Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes

Sleeping Tapes is a recording billed as a sleep aid created by the actor Jeff Bridges and the composer Keefus Ciancia, the creator of the music for "True Detective" and "Nashville". As the album.

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But Jeff Bridges will take it. The 66-year-old The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart actor actually wants to tuck you in and give you the best night’s sleep with his own voice. Sleeping Tapes is an album.

The double album, "Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes," is a collection of ambient noise, instrumentals and Bridges’ narration – which, in some cases, achieves Lebowski-esque levels of mellowness. "So, I.

The Five Most Serenely Weird Moments in Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes – And so, curious exactly what format the tracks on Sleeping Tapes would take.

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That’s okay though; he wants it to be. Bridges has released a new album, entitled Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, designed to make listeners fall asleep. He recorded the album with True Detective.

No, not because you have no interest in sleeping with Jeff as The Dude or Bad Blake, but because Bridges’ supremely weird, new album, "Sleeping Tapes," which debuted during the Super Bowl, may —.

In "Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes" — which you can check out yourself at– the actor uses ambient sounds and guided meditations to help listeners get a better night of sleep, and.

That “thing” is his new musical release, “Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes,” which was announced on Superbowl Sunday with a hilarious 30-second commercial showing the actor putting a couple to sleep with.