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(If you want to try astro-navigation for yourself, I thoroughly recommend playing Kerbal Space Program). Kerbal Space Program.

and you can imagine how useful they would have been as teaching tools,

This is, frankly, brilliant — introducing the world of Mechwarrior to that of Kerbal Space Program. First, watch.

Infernal Robotics, Camera Tools, Tweakscale, Steam Guages, KOS and UbioZor Part.

The waterfront in Dundee, simulated by the Sustainable City Visualisation Tool. Created using a game engine.

The concept is similar to the versions of Minecraft and sandbox space sim Kerbal Space.

In our 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards, we asked readers to tell us the coolest thing they’ve done with Linux. There were so many great responses, but we didn’t have room for all of them in the magazine,

Don’t forget: Pressing [-] cycles through all available cameras. The Apollo missions happened before.

RealPlume completely reworks the exhaust and plume effects for KSP’s rocket engines (and quite.

The funding of Kerbal Space Program, too, has its own story.

"For me, it’s giving players a better tool to do what they want to do," Gomez says. "That’s driving me every day." In Kerbal’s December.

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How to create STUNNING CINEMATICS in Kerbal Space ProgramWhat can Kentucky do about revenge porn? – Revenge porn has become a common problem in Kentucky and throughout the nation, particularly with the rise of digital cameras. It frequently happens.

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This tool uses computer vision algorithms to browse and categorize.

The dashboard builds on the success of the Keyword Services Platform (KSP) introduced at Demo Fest last year. It is a flexible.

Department officials say whoever took the truck also got away with about $7,000 worth of items, including power tools, weed eaters and chainsaws.

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