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Labour’s ‘catastrophic defeat’ down to ‘useless’ Jeremy Corbyn, says ex-MP Jack Straw – Former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw spoke to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer.

DON’T MISS Michael Gove reveals shocking choice for who would be ‘best’ as new.

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They know the risks of getting into a full-scale war, which they would lose straightway. So, they’re doing their best to calibrate things. And I think.

Jeremy Hunt and Jack Straw say the assassination revealed much about modern geopolitics.

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We are The Jack Straw Band, not to be confused with that other band that call themselves ” Jack Straw Band” from the Midwest. We have often been asked to describe our music. The best we can come up.

LONDON (AP) – Jack Straw, a former British foreign secretary and an elder.

34 years and also served as home secretary and justice secretary. But he is probably best known for his role as foreign.

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Jeremy Hunt says lack of consultation showed fraying alliances, while Jack Straw warns of ‘wider consequences’.

The shocked company swiftly dispersed. Those present remember which of the guests was Mr Callaghan’s most eloquent critic: Jack Straw, then best known as a firebrand president of the National Union of.